This is the mainstay of Indian Ayurvedic Hospital's therapeutics. The system presumes that human body is a harmonious whole of 5 great elements that create nature, and diseases occurs when this internal harmony is lost due to toxins accumulated in the body as a consequence of individual’s faulty lifestyle. The only way to heal the disease is to bring back the elemental balance in the body by following disease- specific protocol which will fortify and activate the body’s innate power to heal.
As suggested by the physician, after thorough examination of the physical and physiological status of the individual, an explicit treatment schedule is prescribed over a time period.
The individual will have to stay in the premises, follow the diet and medication prescribed by the doctor. 
The treatment will be done in three levels,
Preparation of patient, detoxification, personalized treatment and stamina building.
Guidelines and basic explanation will be given to the patients.

Regular sessions for Yoga, Pranayama and meditation happen in a spacious, serene, natural anvironment in two batches.
All in-patients and out patients are encouraged to take up this holistic health care procedure to build immunity, mental stability and physical fitness. Experienced yoga trainers help us in learning the stretches and breathing exercise
Morning batch : 6 am to 7 am(mon-sat)
Evening batch: 5 pm to 6 pm (mon-sat)