Vata Vyadhi Treatments
All Arthritis, Neuro-muscular and musculo skeletal disturbances in the body come under " Vatha Vyadhi"
Osteo Arthritis
Pain in both/ single Knee Joint
Pain,swelling & Difficulty while walking caused due to degeneration in Joints.
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Pain & swelling in small joints
Pain, swelling and deformity in fingers, difficulty in holding, occasional fever because of impurities in blood (RA factor)
Poly Arthritis
Pain, swelling, difficulty in movement in 
Multiple joints
Pain, swelling, difficulty in movement, due to C- Reactive protien or Anti neuclear anti body or RA factor in the body.
Gouty Arthritis
Pain and swelling in Ankle Joints
due to life style and consumption of acidic food, 
uric acid accumulates in blood causing intense pain in ankles, especially in the mornings
Peri Arthritis
Pain, stiffness and inflammation in shoulder joints.
due to over strain or lifting heavy weights
Sports Injury
Pain any where in the body
 Muscle sprain, ligament tear, tendinitis, etc., due to accidental injury or excessive effort  
Lumbar Spondilitis/ Spondilosis
Lower back pain, difficulty in bending backward or forward.
due to physical stress/ aging/ malnutrition/ disk displacement/ disk protrusion/ disk bulge
Cervical Spondilitis/ Spondylosis
Neck and shoulder pain, swelling,
 difficulty in moving neck
Due to physical pressure over vertebra, lifestyle and posture misdoings, improper rest.
Pain and swelling in the vertebral column, 
due to Inter verbral disc protrusion/ bulge/extrusion due to excessive work or injury. 
Ankylosis Spondylosis
abnormal stiffening and immobility of a joint due to fusion of the bones in the vertebral column
Impurity in blood (RA factor or Anti nuclear anti body) due to improper food and sleep.
Femoral Necrosis
Pain and swelling in hip joint 
Standing for a long time, bending over long time.
Psoriatic Arthritis
Pain and swelling in joints 
Due to Psoriasis, impurity in blood (auto immune disorder).