Found solutions for pain!!
Have come after trying several other institutions.
Indian Ayurvedic Hospital : Arthritis
Arthritis of all types is treated here, with utmost care and personal attention.
Felt at home, got treated and happy!
Language is never a barrier for communication and treatment, when the connection is established!
Both had multiple issues which got  healed in the course of 7 day and 10 day treatment. They expressed that they felt like family.
Ligament tear,  varicose vein issues and dispositions in disk can be effectively treated at Indian Ayurvedic Hospital 
Frozen Shoulder? Not a problem!
Came all the way from Ongole, Andhra to get treated at Indian Ayurvedic hospital after two years of pain.
Feeling very relaxed and pain has reduced a lot. Knees were also hurting even that got treated.
Staff, canteen and treatment is satisfactory. Ayurveda has solutions for all problems i feel.