Introduction to Ayurveda
Ayurveda is establishing balance in body and mind. It's basis is in the 5 element theory( Pancha maha bhutha).
Our body has all five elements which form it's Prakruthi (Nature)
generally one or combination of two elements will be dominant and determines the body nature, attitude, lifestyle and inclination of the personality and they are called 3 Doshas ( 3 Distortions), Vata, Pitta and Kapha
 When a Dosha  is dominant, it's important for other two  to maintain balance and that is called Aarogya (well Being). 
(Eg) If you are a Vata type Person, It's important that Kapha and Pitta are in Balance and this your Vaidya ( Ayurvedic Physician) can help you with..

Health Care and Ayurveda
•Ayurveda helps in both prevention and cure, Prevention via diet, daily routine, monthly routine, Yoga, Meditation and Brahmacharya.
• The cure involves medication (Aushadha) and various cleansing processes for both body and mind, which are basically divided into 5 categories, called The Panchakarma.
• The Fire(Agni) in the body performs various functions from metabolism to catabolism at cell level, it is important that fire is at balance.
• It has been said that the whole Ayurveda is aimed at maximizing the protection and maintenance of Ojas( internal anti-dote to Ageing).
• We, at the Indian Ayurvedic Hospital, help the individual to get healthy, grounded, and be in-line with nature along-side performing all the daily duties.
Tridosha Theory




(Nature/ Constitution)


(Cause for Distortion)




( Health management)

Vaata Prime driving force for all activities.

Thin and lean body, dry, rough and thin skin, sunken  &small eyes, Creative, quick, understanding, Lively and enthusiastic personality.

Dry/cold/ less quantity of food, awakening during nights, excessive indulgence in running, jumping, walking, excercise, thinking, emotional stress and sexual activities. Forcible With- holding natural urges. 

Pain all over the body, loss of energy, dryness in the body, bone joint pain, muscle wasting, nervous weakness, constipation. Stress and  Nervousness.

Moderate activity, adequate sleep, disciplined schedule, timely food and rest, Snehanam( oil treatment internally and externally), Meditation.

Panchakarma: Vasthi

Pitta It governs both metabolism and Catabolism. Moderate weight, soft, warm and moist skin, medium and sharp eyes, good digestion, leadership skills, focus and passionate personality. Excessive use of oily/ spicy food, intake of alcohol, smoking, cafiene, keeping stomach empty for a long time, skipping breakfast, consumption of maida and non veg in large quantities. Excessive intake refrigerated food. Lack of Physical activity.

Acidity, All ulcers, Allergy, all inflammations, Hypertension, Anger and agression.

Be calm,  Rest and  Relax, eat fresh less spicy/ less oily  food timely, cold water baths, Medition and yoga. Panchakarma: Virechana



Kapha It governs Stamina  and Energy

Obese, tendency for over- weight, thick, oily, cold skin, big, large, wide eyes, good stamina, slow digestion, sound sleep, loyal, calm, content, forgiving, loving and faithful personality.

Sleeping just after taking meal, drinking excess of water during meal, rich fat food, oily food, stale food, refrigerated food Cold, cough, excessive salivation, obesity, laziness, dull, indigestion, excessive excretion, Cholesterol, diabetes, Depression

Drinking hot water,eating less food and Physical Exercise, shart hot, dry, fomentation. Avoid day time sleep. 

Udwartana(powder massage).

Panchakarma: Vamana


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