Ayurvedic Hair Care Camp on 23rd Feb'20
Have hair issues?
Hair is not just a cosmetic part of our existence, it's a dynamic expression of the Body's toxicity and mental stress. Correcting Hair involves correcting metabolism and seeing solutions for mental Stress.
On the 23rd of Feb 2020, we have free consultation for Hair Care, only through appointment by calling us at 9047074163.
Hair fall and split ends solution
Dry and oily hair types, anti dandruff solution
Baldness, premature graying reversal
Hair thickness and growth, 
almost every hair problem from dandruff to split ends can be cured through Ayurveda.
Introduction to Ayurveda
Ayurveda is establishing balance in body and mind. It's basis is in the 5 element theory( Pancha maha bhutha).
Our body has all five elements which form it's Prakruthi (Nature)
generally one or combination of two elements will be dominant and determines the body nature, attitude, lifestyle and inclination of the personality and they are called 3 Doshas ( 3 Distortions), Vata, Pitta and Kapha
 When a Dosha  is dominant, it's important for other two  to maintain balance and that is called Aarogya (well Being). 
(Eg) If you are a Vata type Person, It's important that Kapha and Pitta are in Balance and this your Vaidya ( Ayurvedic Physician) can help you with..

Health Care and Ayurveda
•Ayurveda helps in both prevention and cure, Prevention via diet, daily routine, monthly routine, Yoga, Meditation and Brahmacharya.
• The cure involves medication (Aushadha) and various cleansing processes for both body and mind, which are basically divided into 5 categories, called The Panchakarma.
• The Fire(Agni) in the body performs various functions from metabolism to catabolism at cell level, it is important that fire is at balance.
• It has been said that the whole Ayurveda is aimed at maximizing the protection and maintenance of Ojas( internal anti-dote to Ageing).
• We, at the Indian Ayurvedic Hospital, help the individual to get healthy, grounded, and be in-line with nature along-side performing all the daily duties.
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